As Time Goes By

Gosh the time really does fly. My last post seems like so long ago, and that is because it was almost 3 years go. Why three years? My usual problem. I cannot stick to one thing as a hobby. Blogging is a hobby, I think.


TNOTM is a passion of mine. It stands for ‘The needs of the many…’ which can have strong meaning for a multitude of reasons. That is a blog post for another day. Let’s stick to why of as a site, and not such a lofty subject as what the phrase means to you or me.

Credits and Thanks

If you are seeing this than you have been linked from

Never eat at a/the Green Turtle… Never! Salt, sugar and fat, in that order appear to be the main ingredients in their food. Today at least, it was not ‘Good Eats’.

What? Every two weeks. This week?,, Digital Ocean, Docker, CoreOS… Such is life.

Every Two Weeks

Do you change passions every week or two?

Recording a show tonight with the Chromebooks.Today gents. No idea what we are going to talk about … I/O 2015 maybe?

Jekyller 2?

I started using Jekyll to make posts to my github pages page/ blog thingy… It is technically confusing, I know.

Trying to figure out what a calc script in Essbase is malfuntioning. I did figure it out!

Got it! is now live! Now to get search working :) … and other things.