TNOTM is a passion of mine. It stands for ‘The needs of the many…’ which can have strong meaning for a multitude of reasons. That is a blog post for another day. Let’s stick to why of as a site, and not such a lofty subject as what the phrase means to you or me.

I bought the domain and launched the site in 02000 as a link portal for myself, and some friends. A few years later, after not updating it much, I gave it a little spruce up and wow was I suprised. Turned out popularity had grown and the changes were noticed. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t some powerhouse of a portal, but knowing that a few folks used me as a homepage was kinda cool.

Good thing about running the site was that I learned everyone can be hacked and I mean everyone. The hacked version, seen here on the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, shows how this was accomplished, because you can see a PHP Nuke link at the bottom. Yes. Back in the day I ran totally unpatched CMS as my fun portal site. Later on, after dropping the domain for a time, I went back to the static site… of portal links.

Now here I am again, owning Why? I think the answer is, because in this case, I can go home again. Not only was tnotm a site name, but over the years it has followed me as my internet moniker. Whether on Github or Twitter, tnotm is usually me.

Where is it going? Well I will leave that up to my future self. If my blog post Every two weeks is an indication… Not even I have any idea. While the location will stay the same, the backend will always be changing.

John Oliphant

John Oliphant